Survey on the Investment Value of taking Professional Certifications

Proffeional certification


With the survey on the investment value of taking professional certifications just about coming out of an entire fiscal stop, company cut downs having arrived new peaks as well as a stagnant company environment gradually redefining its reasoning, the question is whether professional certifications genuinely do make a difference – i.e. improve the salary of those certified, is becoming more and more present. ‘What is in it for me’ appears to be what professionals are inquiring and given a monetary environment that’s about budget limitations and job reductions, a growing number of professionals are considering methods to improve their marketability and make sure they stand out of what looks like an extremely confused and unsure professional bunch. Thus can professionals be offered a fiscal security boost by professional certifications? Is the question about certifications today that is valid?

A world-wide survey of over 1,500 HR professionals reveals that HR workers put a high premium on professional HR certification because it demonstrates a dedication to lifelong learning representing the practical and professional expertise of the certificates, and helps with career progress. Interestingly, certification was found to be more valued in the U.S. by the person (62 percent) and in other states it was more valued by the company (82 percent).

Survey on the Investment Value of taking Professional Certifications

Fact 1: Surveys show that accredited professionals make more. Based on a salary survey by CERTIFICATION Magazine ( in which over 40,000 respondents from 150 nations participated, 96% of respondents with the greatest wages said they were certified.

Fact 2: Companies really seek for accredited workers. Because professional certifications attest that you’re up to date with marketplace tendencies, methodology and the most recent technology. In addition, it means that your know how is measured, confirmed and assessed by an internationally accepted standard, so rapidly identifying yourself. And to the head of a company, that makes their investment in you a considerably value added investment, an ROI on their part that is nearly sure.

Fact 3: Getting you also enter an esteemed and a certification means that you instantly get acknowledgement from your industry peers, almost ‘exclusive club’ of professionals, perhaps even including future and present companies, who share the same know how and business outlook, world-wide. And now, given the glorious world of the latest social media which permits companies to learn about you in an instant, including what you know, what certification you hold, what group are you a member of, who you’re and what you know, appears to be an integral door opener in a broader employment business.

Fact 4: For those hiring, a certification is the simple verification of your abilities, get simply, they understand the way you understand it and what you understand. And given that expertise, accomplishments and proven skills are the best three variables when assessing candidates for work, a professional certification is an easy method to demonstrate your knowledge.

Fact 5: Given that companies are downsizing, a certified professional with a dedication to continuing development and a proven know how may be an easier choice for companies to keep. It does not clearly guarantee that you will not be made redundant, it simply means that you’ve a powerful case to contend against it.


Opportunities will come your way only in the event that you ensure you have sufficed for all the specified standards. Becoming professionally certified makes your profession one step ahead. Not only for livelihood possibility established classes are these, where workers get an opportunity to recreate, develop and invent strategies that are professional, but a lot of businesses take to such classes.

But if you were wondering the best way to get certified you always have the option to make a research online and enter the field of your interest and classes you would like to pursue. Several associations, universities and various schools offer certification programs and timely classes where you are able to register yourself for a better future.

Worth a certification

In such sectors where occupations are plenty, you’ve got to catch the chance that is proper and use it only in case you have the correct means. There are authorized professional lessons for IT and computers, teachers, and lot more where you can improve a professional training in your chosen area.

Investing in the Oracle certifications

Investing in Oracle certifications provide you with a competitive advantage over others in exactly the exactly same domain name, by creating a skill set that’s in demand through the world. Through constant learning including – Interactional on-line oracle training or Oracle LVC (Live Virtual Class) you create better chances and boost your credibility for the existing one as well as the prospective company. Additionally, upon finishing your Oracle qualification, you join the 80% of the Oracle certificate holders’ community who reported to gain promotions alongside exponential increase in continuous and salary livelihood advancements.



Anyway, the in-depth procedure and learning into getting ready for Oracle certifications from place like Simplilearn that entails, it makes one a better technologist. The wisdom and abilities as one pursue Oracle classroom training that he realizes, oracle LVC training, Oracle TOD – Training on Demand or some other Oracle raises his credibility in interviewing occupations.

Internationally, 97% of the Fortune 500 firms are employing Oracle program, which makes businesses need proficient professionals develop, to implement and manage systems that are vital. All these companies are seeking IT professionals equipped with inclined proficient that Oracle certified professionals are proficient with, making you a more marketable candidate. As we know by now, just proficient workers are valued by businesses, as per a recent research Oracle’s 2012 survey, more than 80% of the Oracle knowledge workers have reported exponential increase in organizational hierarchy and in terms of pay raise. At individual level, these abilities and knowledge an IT professional increases increased livelihood security and lead to greater self-assurance levels.

Junior job seekers may be helped by certifications

Most executives indicate that encounter and an advanced degree (including an MBA) from a reputable university are more significant than certifications, particularly for senior positions. Nevertheless, certifications occasionally are a tiebreaker for junior places, for which a strong track record is not likely.

Final thoughts 

Certificate is certainly worth it but there are forfeits before you go down the route of certification, realize that like most things we need. To begin with, you will spend cash on study materials- perhaps pay for a homework class at a nearby community school. Second, the test itself costs money and in the event that you fail they do not give you a free retry!


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