Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing


  • Marketing strategies can either result in success or failure of a business. Companies focus on their products and services, but often forget to give proper attention to end-user experience. It is important to understand that traditional and creative marketing techniques can sometimes cause harm to user experience. It is worth mentioning that more than 70% business organizations in the world have started giving more importance to digital marketing techniques over traditional marketing.

    Technology has advanced tremendously in the last few years. Due to this, companies have also adopted new business methodologies. According to a recent study, over 80% established businesses use both digital and traditional marketing techniques. However, the percentage of companies using only traditional marketing to promote products and services remains 20%.

    Experts believe that the high percentage of companies using dual channels can be attributed to the transition phase. Once the transition is complete, most companies will be focusing on just digital channels. This makes it important for every aspiring entrepreneur to compare digital marketing channels with traditional marketing mediums. It’s also important to understand the significance of digital marketing courses to train and prepare employees for the future.

    Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing:

    Television & Radio – These two are the most popular mediums of communication of traditional marketing. However, one major drawback of using television or radio for marketing purposes is that you are unable to target specific demographics. Due to this, people who aren’t a part of your target market may be annoyed and frustrated. Eventually, your target market may also lose interest because of time slot generalization and programming context.

    Product Placement – This traditional marketing technique is common in television or movies. Most of the time, it turns out to be harmful for all involved parties. If product placement in a television program or movie is blatant, it can easily harm the credibility of the production. People never like to see a product being marketed when they’re watching something interesting or valuable.

    Controversial Advertising – This technique is commonly used in video advertising. Companies try to create advertisements, which are controversial and bizarre. Although such advertisements are memorable to users, their impact lasts for a short period of time. In fact, some users may also feel offended. An annoyed user is never happy with a company’s products and services. With controversial advertisements, there is a chance that you might lose a major section of the target market.

    Traditional Online Practices – When you consider newer incarnations of traditional marketing, online marketing is the most popular. However, it can also be harmful in some instances. For example, banner ads make it hard to read content and affect the end-user experience. Ads interrupting video streams are the most annoying. Moreover, pop-ups seem to be the worst online marketing technique.

    The Growth of Digital Marketing
    However, even online marketing can lead to certain issues at times. Thus, a fully integrated digital marketing approach is necessary to make the most of your campaign. While there are some companies that depend on marketing agencies, others look for employees with digital marketing certification.

    While some areas related to digital marketing always need technical expertise, others can be handled with ease by certified and trained experts. Here are some reasons why digital marketing courses are important, and how digital marketing has grown rapidly.

    Increasing Brand Awareness – Every company wants to increase brand awareness. Companies want more people to recognize their name. It’s very important to let your social media and website content reach a wider audience. You need to think beyond SEO to increase brand awareness, and make sure your marketing campaigns reach a lot more people. This can be achieved with an integrated digital marketing campaign.

    Increasing Website Traffic – The most important benefit of digital marketing courses is that they can help you increase web traffic. Most small business organizations don’t have any analytics on the websites. Even with analytics, data on the website isn’t checked regularly. A good look at the website’s analytics can give you a clear idea about the amount of traffic on the website. A digital marketing course teaches everything about studying analytics.

    When you create a website, it doesn’t mean people find it easy to access it. Thus, the most important goal for a business organization is to increase web traffic. A business website should rank higher on major search engines. A digital marketing certification course from Simplilearn, can help you learn how to increase traffic on the website.

    Increasing Leads & Sales – In order to generate more revenue, and survive in a competitive business environment, businesses need to generate more leads and sales. With a good amount of traffic to the website, you can generate more leads and improve your conversion rate. A digital marketing campaign can help you determine good leads for the business.

    In recent years, a lot of companies have been hiring professional services to train their employees. Professional marketing agencies can help your employees learn a lot about digital marketing trends. However, the most affordable and convenient way is to make your employees go through a digital marketing certification course.

  • Digital marketing has quickly become one of the most popular and effective ways to store and use data. Digital data can easily attract a wider audience anytime, anywhere. It also allows you to use an integrated approach utilizing audio, text, video and graphics. There’s no doubt that it has taken over traditional marketing with a clean sweep. In the coming years, companies will continue to get more inclined toward digital marketing.With time, marketing experts will have to come up with marketing techniques, which are not harmful for user experience. In the last few years, businesses have shifted to digital media and consumers have started using ad filters. Thus, it won’t be long before marketing experts need to think of certain techniques that enhance user experience and change marketing at its core. Marketers will have to think beyond basic SEO strategies, and take an integrated approach toward digital marketing to expand their reach.

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