Citrix Xenapp – A Tool That’s Transforming The Virtual Workplace

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  • Do you manage a large work place but can’t keep track of booking schedules and clientele monitoring? A tool that is transferring virtual offices is Citrix XenApp that has been introduced for the fair purpose of improving team management tasks. Are you thinking of simplifying office based tasks without manual supervision? If you can access data without being physically present in the office, imagine how efficient, fast and easy your routine would become? Citrix XenApp is the ideal solution for commercialized businesses! Is it introducing visual management in business administration completely? Let’s find out!

What is Citrix XenApp?

This virtual desktop application management system gives users a chance to remotely use, exchange and reserve services in their office based environment. The security of data transfer and consumption offered by Citrix is incredible that allows corporate applications to connect from distinct range of mobile devices and computer systems. With a central host platform, XenApp can display applications by allowing users easy access into the data files for remote interaction as well as effective local execution of applications from user devices. To understand Citrix XenApp more, go to Simplilearn free resource articles.


Compatible with any device, the application allows users to utilize Windows virtually just about anywhere. You can operate the application’s services on any compatible device thereby making it a wonderful application hosting solution. Ever since 2007, the application has been in function that provides application virtualization for effective streaming and delivery to user devices. It features Citrix Systems proprietary presentation layer which is known as Independent Computing Architecture. ICA transmits quality level display where both local and hosted application delivery systems utilize existing network transmission frames. Using centralized password control security options, the application management system eliminates any chance of data theft.

A set of XenApp servers formulates Citrix XenApp Farm that can comprise of around 5000 XenApp servers with hundreds of users participating in data exchange. The management pack in XenApp officially unlocks the complexity in XenApp application deployment. Key features include systematic XenApp infrastructure availability by ensuring autonomous connectivity and accurate service checks. Lost or badly behaving software are recovered alongside drawing performance trending charts. End-to-end monitoring of XenApp servers can integrate profitable chain of clientele. Right from mouse clicks to key strokes, regular updates from the system are available in a single instance management framework for avoiding application conflicts.

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Comprising of a three way system, the application consists of software, user device and multi-user operating system. Making use of the MS Windows server, the system uses remote desktop session hosts that either connects with the data center separately or together with the rest of the devices. To allow users access, the software promotes remote servicing through the HDX protocol. The user devices finally connect with the server through the Citrix Receiver software. If you’re looking for Citrix XenApp, there are distinctly 4 types depending upon need of the company:

1. XenApp Platinum
2. XenApp Enterprise
3. Citrix XenApp Advanced
4. Citrix XenApp Fundamentals

Benefits of Citrix XenApp

This remotely accessing platform, gives users the chance to connect to a work based server i.e. to their business applications that are located at the data centers. Through server hardware like CPU, hard disk etc, you can easily open applications on XenApp servers or images can be sent to the client devices. This locally installed application displays XenApp published applications to users in the main frame. Originally known as Metaframe’ the software management system has been renamed by Citrix. If you’re working in an office of around 30-80 users, the XenApp server can support a high multitude of users. The cost effective strategy of using Citrix XenApp ensures high economical accomplishment since it reduces resources and costs for management of application distribution and supervision.

What You Get?

One of the major benefits of Citrix XenApp is the reduction in storage cost of the company that employs this visual application software. Consisting of a holding capacity of around 200 users, the application boasts a multitude of servers that feature thousands of well-connected users. Sharing computer based documents is simplified due to its rich user experience on any device. Depending upon the configuration of user access, clients and workmen will not be able to distinguish if the applications are placed in local or Citrix XenApp servers. Introducing load balancing and application response, XenApp users can enjoy a wonderful user-interface with minimized server failures.

XenApp minimizes hardware installation costs since applications are channeled through a single server. With the presence of Independent Computing Architecture on port 1494, Citrix aims at providing speedy bandwidths and reliable connections. The compression capacity of ICA makes it an important feature of the software that ensures minimum bandwidth is used for secure operations of application installments. The perception of the software is excellent since it secures all business related information in a centralized storage. Customizing resources for addressing user demands helps tackle commercial stipulations. Security confirmed services of the application using SSL encryption maintain data confidentiality.

Simplifying image management only increases the efficiency of XenApp that offers a centralized image which is shared by all users connected with the application. It limits downgrade time since functions like updating, deploying etc can be harnessed in a single drift. Secured control is offered only to legal personnel supervising a flexible work environment for satisfactory employees. Analyzing computing constraints of the user and assigning the resources equally to maintain quality standards. The reduction in employee costs due to the software for its professional mobility ensures that a comfortable environment can be obtained for work. Giving the company instant deployment of new and unique applications, the software is a bonus for working in a flexible work environment.


XenApp gives a company the ability to use well designed solutions for answering clientele demands in a competitive world of business. Combining the power of MS Windows Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp, clients can expect on-screen application delivery. This accelerated platform of virtualized application offers the highest security by solving complex issues brewing in business-critical surroundings. If you’re looking for business mobility, XenApp offers consistent experience while accessing secure information on a centralized server. Supporting numerous kinds of endpoint key devices, the application accessibility of the application system is a worthy investment.


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