How can Certification in CCNA change your career?



  • Are you a graduate in Information Technology? Do you want to develop your career in the field of networking and security? Then, you must prepare to be a Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA certification. Every graduate who wants to make his career in networking naturally chooses to get this certification.

Appearing for CCNA
You can considerably increase your knowledge in networking by strengthening your basic knowledge in this regard during CCNA training. Though most of the graduates focus on CCNA but before this certification one has to go for CCENT which provides basic knowledge about networking, even if it is not considered as an important certification. While moving on to CCNA the first step is to clear CCENT which takes care of the complexities of the branch network connections of medium sized enterprises. So it is better to go for CCENT before appearing for CCNA certification, unless you have excellent knowledge about basics of networking.
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Cisco has introduced CCNA certification to provide one to three years’ experience to typical professionals. In this certification course the ability of professionals for configuring, installing, troubleshooting and operating the medium sized switched and routed networks is assessed. Various types of challenges related to internal and external communication, connectivity, use of programs and security operations in medium sized enterprises are faced by networking engineers on daily basis. In order to face these challenges effectively they have to learn various security management and computer operation skills in this course.

Effect of CCNA on your career
After earning the CCNA certificate a network engineer can get a considerable boost in his existing salary. He can also avail competitive advantage along with better job opportunities in the industry after getting this professional certification. Most of the IT companies prefer to hire certified professionals as they reduce their cost-to-company as no training is required for such candidates. The chances of getting job as networking engineer increase considerably as the mention of certification in their resume makes it outstanding. They are usually eligible for the job of system engineer, networking engineer, system administrators and IT engineers.

Where to get CCNA certification?
The coaching for CCNA certification to its candidates is provided by a number of training centers around the world. You can get information about these centers through online sources as well as your family and friends who have appeared for it in recent past. Some of the students also use online tutorials to pass this course by self-study. Cisco website also provides location wise lists of authorized partner training centers near your place, through its Global Learning Locator link, to provide you coaching for CCNA certification.

In this way CCNA certification can give a considerable boost to your career if you have earned it successfully. But earning CCNA certification is not easy as it needs lots of training and planning. Some tips are provided here under to help you in passing this certification successfully.

Tips to earn CCNA certification successfully
Set your target: It is important to set your target to earn CCNA certification successfully as a number of certifications are offered by Cisco. You will have to set your goal and stick to your plans to complete this course with good grade. For instance Routing and Switching certification is another course that provides almost complete knowledge about networking and is opted by most of the beginners instead of CCNA. But it is necessary to pass CCNA to know about a number of areas of potential interest in this regard. So instead of focusing on other courses you should plan to spend time in studying this course to get this certification successfully.

Use combined study material: Most of the students fail to get this certificate due to lack of the study material needed to complete it successfully. Though it may not be easy for a beginner to arrange large number of books for this course but instead of books one can also study through online tutorials available on internet. One can use a combination of books, websites and forums to complete this course successfully. You can get lots of information through Simplilearn websites and forums, free or paid, in a very open and friendly environment to boost your career with CCNA certification.

Arrange for training: Some of the student can pass CCNA exam only by studying through books whereas some need hands-on training to understand its concepts clearly. Similarly some need a school like environment to complete their studied effectively. So you should find out a center which can provide you practical training in this regard. You can also get advantage of the knowledge of industry professionals about using real routers and switches, who teach in these schools. These schools usually have small sized classrooms which can help you in getting personal attention of the teachers.

Practice your skills: As the proverb says that practice makes a man perfect, so you should practice the skills studied in your classroom. One can successfully pass the CCNA certification by combining oral study with practical training. If you can not afford a Cisco device for practicing your skills then you can you can arrange some alternative stimulation programs like Packet Tracer etc. which can give you a feel of using a genuine device needed for this purpose. Though this stimulation program cannot be similar to a real Cisco device but something is better than nothing, unless you get the original one.

Keep in touch with basics: In order to be a good CCNA engineer it is important not to neglect basics. During this course you come across a number of core concepts which need your knowledge about the basics of networking to understand them. You may have to regret later on if you neglect the basics of networking. Some of the basics like sub netting are used by CCNA engineers in their day-to-day business during their career. So if you have neglected the basics of networking then you should be attentive to them again to get your CCNA certification successfully for boosting your career.

Thus certification in CCNA can considerably change your career if you have earned it dedicatedly.


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