Survey on the Investment Value of taking Professional Certifications

Proffeional certification


With the survey on the investment value of taking professional certifications just about coming out of an entire fiscal stop, company cut downs having arrived new peaks as well as a stagnant company environment gradually redefining its reasoning, the question is whether professional certifications genuinely do make a difference – i.e. improve the salary of those certified, is becoming more and more present. ‘What is in it for me’ appears to be what professionals are inquiring and given a monetary environment that’s about budget limitations and job reductions, a growing number of professionals are considering methods to improve their marketability and make sure they stand out of what looks like an extremely confused and unsure professional bunch. Thus can professionals be offered a fiscal security boost by professional certifications? Is the question about certifications today that is valid?

A world-wide survey of over 1,500 HR professionals reveals that HR workers put a high premium on professional HR certification because it demonstrates a dedication to lifelong learning representing the practical and professional expertise of the certificates, and helps with career progress. Interestingly, certification was found to be more valued in the U.S. by the person (62 percent) and in other states it was more valued by the company (82 percent).

Survey on the Investment Value of taking Professional Certifications

Fact 1: Surveys show that accredited professionals make more. Based on a salary survey by CERTIFICATION Magazine ( in which over 40,000 respondents from 150 nations participated, 96% of respondents with the greatest wages said they were certified.

Fact 2: Companies really seek for accredited workers. Because professional certifications attest that you’re up to date with marketplace tendencies, methodology and the most recent technology. In addition, it means that your know how is measured, confirmed and assessed by an internationally accepted standard, so rapidly identifying yourself. And to the head of a company, that makes their investment in you a considerably value added investment, an ROI on their part that is nearly sure.

Fact 3: Getting you also enter an esteemed and a certification means that you instantly get acknowledgement from your industry peers, almost ‘exclusive club’ of professionals, perhaps even including future and present companies, who share the same know how and business outlook, world-wide. And now, given the glorious world of the latest social media which permits companies to learn about you in an instant, including what you know, what certification you hold, what group are you a member of, who you’re and what you know, appears to be an integral door opener in a broader employment business.

Fact 4: For those hiring, a certification is the simple verification of your abilities, get simply, they understand the way you understand it and what you understand. And given that expertise, accomplishments and proven skills are the best three variables when assessing candidates for work, a professional certification is an easy method to demonstrate your knowledge.

Fact 5: Given that companies are downsizing, a certified professional with a dedication to continuing development and a proven know how may be an easier choice for companies to keep. It does not clearly guarantee that you will not be made redundant, it simply means that you’ve a powerful case to contend against it.


Opportunities will come your way only in the event that you ensure you have sufficed for all the specified standards. Becoming professionally certified makes your profession one step ahead. Not only for livelihood possibility established classes are these, where workers get an opportunity to recreate, develop and invent strategies that are professional, but a lot of businesses take to such classes.

But if you were wondering the best way to get certified you always have the option to make a research online and enter the field of your interest and classes you would like to pursue. Several associations, universities and various schools offer certification programs and timely classes where you are able to register yourself for a better future.

Worth a certification

In such sectors where occupations are plenty, you’ve got to catch the chance that is proper and use it only in case you have the correct means. There are authorized professional lessons for IT and computers, teachers, and lot more where you can improve a professional training in your chosen area.

Investing in the Oracle certifications

Investing in Oracle certifications provide you with a competitive advantage over others in exactly the exactly same domain name, by creating a skill set that’s in demand through the world. Through constant learning including – Interactional on-line oracle training or Oracle LVC (Live Virtual Class) you create better chances and boost your credibility for the existing one as well as the prospective company. Additionally, upon finishing your Oracle qualification, you join the 80% of the Oracle certificate holders’ community who reported to gain promotions alongside exponential increase in continuous and salary livelihood advancements.



Anyway, the in-depth procedure and learning into getting ready for Oracle certifications from place like Simplilearn that entails, it makes one a better technologist. The wisdom and abilities as one pursue Oracle classroom training that he realizes, oracle LVC training, Oracle TOD – Training on Demand or some other Oracle raises his credibility in interviewing occupations.

Internationally, 97% of the Fortune 500 firms are employing Oracle program, which makes businesses need proficient professionals develop, to implement and manage systems that are vital. All these companies are seeking IT professionals equipped with inclined proficient that Oracle certified professionals are proficient with, making you a more marketable candidate. As we know by now, just proficient workers are valued by businesses, as per a recent research Oracle’s 2012 survey, more than 80% of the Oracle knowledge workers have reported exponential increase in organizational hierarchy and in terms of pay raise. At individual level, these abilities and knowledge an IT professional increases increased livelihood security and lead to greater self-assurance levels.

Junior job seekers may be helped by certifications

Most executives indicate that encounter and an advanced degree (including an MBA) from a reputable university are more significant than certifications, particularly for senior positions. Nevertheless, certifications occasionally are a tiebreaker for junior places, for which a strong track record is not likely.

Final thoughts 

Certificate is certainly worth it but there are forfeits before you go down the route of certification, realize that like most things we need. To begin with, you will spend cash on study materials- perhaps pay for a homework class at a nearby community school. Second, the test itself costs money and in the event that you fail they do not give you a free retry!


Mastering Salesforce With a Champion’s Mindset

  • Salesforce has been extremely popular for its features and numerous benefits. It provides users with Web Apps, Online Collaboration of services, Mail Platforms and other services. In order to master Salesforce, you need to have a champion’s mindset and focus on various aspects. With Salesforce, you will be able to strengthen your hold on the market, and make sure that loyal customers are completely satisfied with the services.All the elements combine to provide users with information sharing and management platform, record and document management platform, business process management, business workflow automation, custom development platform, enterprise social network platform and more for all kinds of business needs and requirements. Understanding the key features and benefits of Salesforce take help of Simplilearn free resource articles which will help you develop a champion’s mindset to master Salesforce. 


In the modern business age, most companies try to gather your personal information through any means to build a huge database. Some companies even sell your information to generate profits. However, Salesforce values your privacy and security. For many business organizations, security seems a large stumbling block when transitioning to the Cloud. Salesforce has been specifically designed to meet your business security requirements through security-aware engineering and strong governance at every stage of the design process.


Salesforce has been designed to use various applications that are perfect for the modern workforce. If you have previously used Cloud computing, you don’t need any training or technical skills to use Salesforce. This will save your business a lot of money and time on re-education. Employees can start using Salesforce immediately. This even enhances the efficiency and productivity of your employees.


It is important to understand that Salesforce is a subscription based service. It is scalable to the company’s needs and requirements. In other words, you can choose a customized plan to make sure you pay only for what you use. The subscription model of the platform allows you to add and remove various users easily. This prevents any wasteful dead licenses from impacting your IT budget. When your business starts growing, you can easily add more subscriptions.


In the modern business world, team work is extremely important. Most business owners and executives travel a lot, and may even have remote employees. This requires retrieval of work file in real time. It also requires collaboration with co-workers and team management. Salesforce offers an All in One package. It provides you with everything you need, such as files sharing, email, calendars sharing, web conferencing and instant messaging for the entire team.

With Salesforce, your workforce has the opportunity to collaborate effectively and easily with a wide range of applications. This platform provides your employees with all the tools they need to collaborate with people outside and inside the business organization effortlessly. With these tools, your employees can benefit from more convenience, simple document sharing, easy to manage virtual meetings, and collaboration among numerous employees without staying in one place.

Reduced Infrastructure Expenses and Cost 

It is quite obvious that Salesforce can reduce your infrastructure expenses and costs. It can shift your organization’s burden to the service provider. When you make a transition to the Cloud, your on-premise expenses are significantly reduced. In fact, your business needs for hardware, equipment, real estate and talent can be easily trimmed down with a transition to Salesforce.

For instance, when you use a particular application for storage, it reduces the need for on-premise disk space required for your files. In addition to this, your real estate needs are also significantly reduced. With reduced real estate, you don’t have to spend a lot of energy (electricity and cooling) to run any extra hardware.
Everything is taken care of in a cost effective and single administration manner by Salesforce. Due to this, you receive a higher return on your investment. This is the primary reason why most businesses have been using Salesforce to meet evolving industry needs.



Salesforce on All Devices 

Salesforce allows you to install numerous applications on many different devices. When you are using Salesforce, you can install various applications and services on different computers, tablets and other portable devices. This further reduces the cost for infrastructure, and helps you save a lot of money.
Due to this, you can have easy access to Salesforce across different devices. This also increases efficiency and productivity at a more affordable price than licensing Salesforce on every device separately. In addition to this, Salesforce automation does not tie you up to an internet connection. Whether you are offline or online, using a mobile device or laptop, you can get your work done anywhere, anytime.
When you are using Salesforce, you’re able to reap the benefits of Cloud computing while utilizing the same kind of productivity tools as your partners and customers. Moreover, all your documents are properly preserved across different devices, such as phone, PC or browser. They will look perfect to the recipients.

Choose Salesforce for Best Results

These were the most important reasons why people have started using Salesforce to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their businesses. With Salesforce, you can be assured of a higher return on your investment. It’s important to understand that we are living in a competitive age. Every business wants to move ahead its competition. Therefore, it’s important to seek all the help you can get. With Salesforce’s tools and resources at your disposal, you can be assured of high quality services at the most affordable prices.

Last but not the least, it has also proven that Cloud is the future for computing. It not only keeps your data secure, but also makes sure that your company does not have to pay huge amounts on infrastructure, maintenance or real estate. With Salesforce, we can manage everything at a remote location by the service provider.
When you sign up with this subscription based service, you can be assured that your company’s infrastructure needs are in the best hands. Salesforce’s reputation has always been unmatched, and you will be able to focus on other important business tasks. This will make sure your business is more productive and efficient.


Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing


  • Marketing strategies can either result in success or failure of a business. Companies focus on their products and services, but often forget to give proper attention to end-user experience. It is important to understand that traditional and creative marketing techniques can sometimes cause harm to user experience. It is worth mentioning that more than 70% business organizations in the world have started giving more importance to digital marketing techniques over traditional marketing.

    Technology has advanced tremendously in the last few years. Due to this, companies have also adopted new business methodologies. According to a recent study, over 80% established businesses use both digital and traditional marketing techniques. However, the percentage of companies using only traditional marketing to promote products and services remains 20%.

    Experts believe that the high percentage of companies using dual channels can be attributed to the transition phase. Once the transition is complete, most companies will be focusing on just digital channels. This makes it important for every aspiring entrepreneur to compare digital marketing channels with traditional marketing mediums. It’s also important to understand the significance of digital marketing courses to train and prepare employees for the future.

    Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing:

    Television & Radio – These two are the most popular mediums of communication of traditional marketing. However, one major drawback of using television or radio for marketing purposes is that you are unable to target specific demographics. Due to this, people who aren’t a part of your target market may be annoyed and frustrated. Eventually, your target market may also lose interest because of time slot generalization and programming context.

    Product Placement – This traditional marketing technique is common in television or movies. Most of the time, it turns out to be harmful for all involved parties. If product placement in a television program or movie is blatant, it can easily harm the credibility of the production. People never like to see a product being marketed when they’re watching something interesting or valuable.

    Controversial Advertising – This technique is commonly used in video advertising. Companies try to create advertisements, which are controversial and bizarre. Although such advertisements are memorable to users, their impact lasts for a short period of time. In fact, some users may also feel offended. An annoyed user is never happy with a company’s products and services. With controversial advertisements, there is a chance that you might lose a major section of the target market.

    Traditional Online Practices – When you consider newer incarnations of traditional marketing, online marketing is the most popular. However, it can also be harmful in some instances. For example, banner ads make it hard to read content and affect the end-user experience. Ads interrupting video streams are the most annoying. Moreover, pop-ups seem to be the worst online marketing technique.

    The Growth of Digital Marketing
    However, even online marketing can lead to certain issues at times. Thus, a fully integrated digital marketing approach is necessary to make the most of your campaign. While there are some companies that depend on marketing agencies, others look for employees with digital marketing certification.

    While some areas related to digital marketing always need technical expertise, others can be handled with ease by certified and trained experts. Here are some reasons why digital marketing courses are important, and how digital marketing has grown rapidly.

    Increasing Brand Awareness – Every company wants to increase brand awareness. Companies want more people to recognize their name. It’s very important to let your social media and website content reach a wider audience. You need to think beyond SEO to increase brand awareness, and make sure your marketing campaigns reach a lot more people. This can be achieved with an integrated digital marketing campaign.

    Increasing Website Traffic – The most important benefit of digital marketing courses is that they can help you increase web traffic. Most small business organizations don’t have any analytics on the websites. Even with analytics, data on the website isn’t checked regularly. A good look at the website’s analytics can give you a clear idea about the amount of traffic on the website. A digital marketing course teaches everything about studying analytics.

    When you create a website, it doesn’t mean people find it easy to access it. Thus, the most important goal for a business organization is to increase web traffic. A business website should rank higher on major search engines. A digital marketing certification course from Simplilearn, can help you learn how to increase traffic on the website.

    Increasing Leads & Sales – In order to generate more revenue, and survive in a competitive business environment, businesses need to generate more leads and sales. With a good amount of traffic to the website, you can generate more leads and improve your conversion rate. A digital marketing campaign can help you determine good leads for the business.

    In recent years, a lot of companies have been hiring professional services to train their employees. Professional marketing agencies can help your employees learn a lot about digital marketing trends. However, the most affordable and convenient way is to make your employees go through a digital marketing certification course.

  • Digital marketing has quickly become one of the most popular and effective ways to store and use data. Digital data can easily attract a wider audience anytime, anywhere. It also allows you to use an integrated approach utilizing audio, text, video and graphics. There’s no doubt that it has taken over traditional marketing with a clean sweep. In the coming years, companies will continue to get more inclined toward digital marketing.With time, marketing experts will have to come up with marketing techniques, which are not harmful for user experience. In the last few years, businesses have shifted to digital media and consumers have started using ad filters. Thus, it won’t be long before marketing experts need to think of certain techniques that enhance user experience and change marketing at its core. Marketers will have to think beyond basic SEO strategies, and take an integrated approach toward digital marketing to expand their reach.

What Is The Real Value Of Exin Cloud Computing Training?

Exin Cloud Comp


  • Cloud computing is essentially internet-based computing that brings together a huge number of remote servers that are networked seamlessly to allow for centralized data storage, sharing of data-processing tasks and online access to resources and computer services. The innovative form of computing is quickly replacing the traditional business applications that required huge amounts of hardware and software, and a whole team of computing experts to install, test, configure, run and update.

    Besides, cloud computing allows businesses and institutions to pay for only what they need, get automatic upgrades, and scale upwards or downwards with absolute ease. Indeed, cloud computing enables enterprises to achieve economies of scale and to minimize spending on technology infrastructure, globalize their workforce, streamline their processes, reduce their capital costs, enhance their accessibility, monitor their projects effectively, improve their flexibility, face minimal new software licensing hurdles, and operate with minimal personnel training.

Exin Cloud Computing Training

Exin Cloud Comp 2


With the industry now bent on recruiting professionals that are well-versed with cloud computing technology, taking the EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation training is a major step towards achieving global competitiveness and employability in the IT environment. Besides, while cloud computing helps to make work extremely trouble-free for all end internet users, the systems are quite complex and require highly skilled IT professionals to develop, implement, maintain and administer. Embarking on a leading training course empowers the IT professional to understand and maneuver abstracted data and system components in the cloud.
The Exin cloud computing training is an on-demand professional certification in IT service management that covers

    • E-commerce
    • Web service
    • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
    • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Completion of the Exin computing course empowers the IT professional and course participant to manipulate and apply cloud computing applications and resources on various projects. During the training, the trainees take a trail through the field of cloud computing, covering the fundamental concepts and learning about the architecture, deployment and design of cloud computing and its incorporation in organizations. The cloud content delivered through the course is Exin accredited and is not available from other vendors that deliver cloud computing courses.

Overall, the Exin Cloud Computing Training explains what cloud computing means, describes the conceptual basis of cloud computing, explains the main drivers and limitations of the computing, delves into the components and benefits of a local cloud environment, explains the relationship between the Service Oriented Architecture and cloud computing, highlights the methods of accessing cloud services, and describes the various levels of service management in the cloud environment. IT professionals enrolled in the Exin Cloud Computing Training also learn the impacts of cloud computing on business processes, the risks and benefits of providing cloud services, the privacy, security and compliance issues of the cloud environment, the potential of cloud solutions, and the benefits and costs of the cloud environment.

Entrance to the Exin cloud computing training depends on the individual’s experience and subject knowledge. For instance, the courses that teach the basic concepts of cloud computing are ideal for internet technicians and students with a degree in computer-related fields. Advanced courses should be taken by IT professionals that are looking for more competencies and mastery of the field. The duration of the Exin cloud computing training will vary according to the course chosen. Some courses will just take a few days while others will take many weeks, involving a series of seminars and presentations. The Exin cloud computing courses also help IT professionals to test their new computing skills in the testing labs, even as they prepare for the certification exams.

What Is The Real Value Of Exin Cloud Computing Training?

  • Empowering the IT departments to play a more central role in company decision making: Cloud computing is a mature technology that has enabled IT managers to take their queue next to the company CEOs. Exin trained and certified IT professionals can offer agile and flexible solutions through the cloud, which can afford the CTOs and CIOs greater choice of deployment methods and increased involvement in the discussions about enterprise efficiency and cost savings. Exin trained and certified professionals also comprehend the intricacies of cloud computing security and are usually called in to give advice on the best cloud service providers that can provide services with minimal security vulnerabilities. With better computing power, flexibility and cutting edge resources, the Exin trained IT managers can become influential figures in their organizations.


  • Exin cloud computing training and certification equips IT professionals and students with ample knowledge and dexterity to embrace and implement the evolving cloud computing technology in their organizations. For instance, senior professionals in various organizations can take the course and help to implement the technology in their companies, helping to avoid the costs of hiring external cloud computing experts. The training not only help senior professionals to add more feathers to their caps, but also to help their companies to meet the new challenges of operating in the dynamic cloud computing environment , and to undertake additional responsibilities with their old job responsibilities.


  • Achieving the highly coveted Exin cloud computing training and certification places the IT professionals in the class of the few trained cloud-computing professionals in the market. This also allows the professionals to enjoy dictating their salary terms and conditions and to be better placed to earn higher salaries. Moreover, business demands constantly require the latest IT solutions to remain ahead of the competition and the technology curve. Cloud-based solutions empower IT professionals to spearhead organizational change and to deploy systems that maximize efficiency and productivity at reduced costs. Furthermore, with the field of cloud computing set to evolve for the better, professionals who take the Exin training can focus on core competencies, learn the potential changes in the field, and design the company computing objectives proactively, in line with the changing trends.


  • Finally, the Exin cloud computing training and certification program is comprehensive enough to help IT specialists, business analysts, professionals, executives, consultants, managers, system integrators and students to gain the on-demand skills of understanding, evaluating and implementing cloud computing skills. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, including basic concepts, complex technologies, privacy and security, best practices, cloud strategy, critical success factors, cloud deployment, adoption and management plans, business continuity and management of services in the cloud, the Exin cloud computing training takes the trainees through an exhaustive training and assessment that helps them to advance steadily in the cloud computing field. Indeed, after the Exin cloud computing training and certification from website like Simplilearn, the participants are capable of adopting cloud computing in a wide array of applications in government, business, finance and education.

Citrix Xenapp – A Tool That’s Transforming The Virtual Workplace

Citrix 1


  • Do you manage a large work place but can’t keep track of booking schedules and clientele monitoring? A tool that is transferring virtual offices is Citrix XenApp that has been introduced for the fair purpose of improving team management tasks. Are you thinking of simplifying office based tasks without manual supervision? If you can access data without being physically present in the office, imagine how efficient, fast and easy your routine would become? Citrix XenApp is the ideal solution for commercialized businesses! Is it introducing visual management in business administration completely? Let’s find out!

What is Citrix XenApp?

This virtual desktop application management system gives users a chance to remotely use, exchange and reserve services in their office based environment. The security of data transfer and consumption offered by Citrix is incredible that allows corporate applications to connect from distinct range of mobile devices and computer systems. With a central host platform, XenApp can display applications by allowing users easy access into the data files for remote interaction as well as effective local execution of applications from user devices. To understand Citrix XenApp more, go to Simplilearn free resource articles.


Compatible with any device, the application allows users to utilize Windows virtually just about anywhere. You can operate the application’s services on any compatible device thereby making it a wonderful application hosting solution. Ever since 2007, the application has been in function that provides application virtualization for effective streaming and delivery to user devices. It features Citrix Systems proprietary presentation layer which is known as Independent Computing Architecture. ICA transmits quality level display where both local and hosted application delivery systems utilize existing network transmission frames. Using centralized password control security options, the application management system eliminates any chance of data theft.

A set of XenApp servers formulates Citrix XenApp Farm that can comprise of around 5000 XenApp servers with hundreds of users participating in data exchange. The management pack in XenApp officially unlocks the complexity in XenApp application deployment. Key features include systematic XenApp infrastructure availability by ensuring autonomous connectivity and accurate service checks. Lost or badly behaving software are recovered alongside drawing performance trending charts. End-to-end monitoring of XenApp servers can integrate profitable chain of clientele. Right from mouse clicks to key strokes, regular updates from the system are available in a single instance management framework for avoiding application conflicts.

Citrix  2


Comprising of a three way system, the application consists of software, user device and multi-user operating system. Making use of the MS Windows server, the system uses remote desktop session hosts that either connects with the data center separately or together with the rest of the devices. To allow users access, the software promotes remote servicing through the HDX protocol. The user devices finally connect with the server through the Citrix Receiver software. If you’re looking for Citrix XenApp, there are distinctly 4 types depending upon need of the company:

1. XenApp Platinum
2. XenApp Enterprise
3. Citrix XenApp Advanced
4. Citrix XenApp Fundamentals

Benefits of Citrix XenApp

This remotely accessing platform, gives users the chance to connect to a work based server i.e. to their business applications that are located at the data centers. Through server hardware like CPU, hard disk etc, you can easily open applications on XenApp servers or images can be sent to the client devices. This locally installed application displays XenApp published applications to users in the main frame. Originally known as Metaframe’ the software management system has been renamed by Citrix. If you’re working in an office of around 30-80 users, the XenApp server can support a high multitude of users. The cost effective strategy of using Citrix XenApp ensures high economical accomplishment since it reduces resources and costs for management of application distribution and supervision.

What You Get?

One of the major benefits of Citrix XenApp is the reduction in storage cost of the company that employs this visual application software. Consisting of a holding capacity of around 200 users, the application boasts a multitude of servers that feature thousands of well-connected users. Sharing computer based documents is simplified due to its rich user experience on any device. Depending upon the configuration of user access, clients and workmen will not be able to distinguish if the applications are placed in local or Citrix XenApp servers. Introducing load balancing and application response, XenApp users can enjoy a wonderful user-interface with minimized server failures.

XenApp minimizes hardware installation costs since applications are channeled through a single server. With the presence of Independent Computing Architecture on port 1494, Citrix aims at providing speedy bandwidths and reliable connections. The compression capacity of ICA makes it an important feature of the software that ensures minimum bandwidth is used for secure operations of application installments. The perception of the software is excellent since it secures all business related information in a centralized storage. Customizing resources for addressing user demands helps tackle commercial stipulations. Security confirmed services of the application using SSL encryption maintain data confidentiality.

Simplifying image management only increases the efficiency of XenApp that offers a centralized image which is shared by all users connected with the application. It limits downgrade time since functions like updating, deploying etc can be harnessed in a single drift. Secured control is offered only to legal personnel supervising a flexible work environment for satisfactory employees. Analyzing computing constraints of the user and assigning the resources equally to maintain quality standards. The reduction in employee costs due to the software for its professional mobility ensures that a comfortable environment can be obtained for work. Giving the company instant deployment of new and unique applications, the software is a bonus for working in a flexible work environment.


XenApp gives a company the ability to use well designed solutions for answering clientele demands in a competitive world of business. Combining the power of MS Windows Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp, clients can expect on-screen application delivery. This accelerated platform of virtualized application offers the highest security by solving complex issues brewing in business-critical surroundings. If you’re looking for business mobility, XenApp offers consistent experience while accessing secure information on a centralized server. Supporting numerous kinds of endpoint key devices, the application accessibility of the application system is a worthy investment.

How can Certification in CCNA change your career?



  • Are you a graduate in Information Technology? Do you want to develop your career in the field of networking and security? Then, you must prepare to be a Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA certification. Every graduate who wants to make his career in networking naturally chooses to get this certification.

Appearing for CCNA
You can considerably increase your knowledge in networking by strengthening your basic knowledge in this regard during CCNA training. Though most of the graduates focus on CCNA but before this certification one has to go for CCENT which provides basic knowledge about networking, even if it is not considered as an important certification. While moving on to CCNA the first step is to clear CCENT which takes care of the complexities of the branch network connections of medium sized enterprises. So it is better to go for CCENT before appearing for CCNA certification, unless you have excellent knowledge about basics of networking.
Cisco 2


Cisco has introduced CCNA certification to provide one to three years’ experience to typical professionals. In this certification course the ability of professionals for configuring, installing, troubleshooting and operating the medium sized switched and routed networks is assessed. Various types of challenges related to internal and external communication, connectivity, use of programs and security operations in medium sized enterprises are faced by networking engineers on daily basis. In order to face these challenges effectively they have to learn various security management and computer operation skills in this course.

Effect of CCNA on your career
After earning the CCNA certificate a network engineer can get a considerable boost in his existing salary. He can also avail competitive advantage along with better job opportunities in the industry after getting this professional certification. Most of the IT companies prefer to hire certified professionals as they reduce their cost-to-company as no training is required for such candidates. The chances of getting job as networking engineer increase considerably as the mention of certification in their resume makes it outstanding. They are usually eligible for the job of system engineer, networking engineer, system administrators and IT engineers.

Where to get CCNA certification?
The coaching for CCNA certification to its candidates is provided by a number of training centers around the world. You can get information about these centers through online sources as well as your family and friends who have appeared for it in recent past. Some of the students also use online tutorials to pass this course by self-study. Cisco website also provides location wise lists of authorized partner training centers near your place, through its Global Learning Locator link, to provide you coaching for CCNA certification.

In this way CCNA certification can give a considerable boost to your career if you have earned it successfully. But earning CCNA certification is not easy as it needs lots of training and planning. Some tips are provided here under to help you in passing this certification successfully.

Tips to earn CCNA certification successfully
Set your target: It is important to set your target to earn CCNA certification successfully as a number of certifications are offered by Cisco. You will have to set your goal and stick to your plans to complete this course with good grade. For instance Routing and Switching certification is another course that provides almost complete knowledge about networking and is opted by most of the beginners instead of CCNA. But it is necessary to pass CCNA to know about a number of areas of potential interest in this regard. So instead of focusing on other courses you should plan to spend time in studying this course to get this certification successfully.

Use combined study material: Most of the students fail to get this certificate due to lack of the study material needed to complete it successfully. Though it may not be easy for a beginner to arrange large number of books for this course but instead of books one can also study through online tutorials available on internet. One can use a combination of books, websites and forums to complete this course successfully. You can get lots of information through Simplilearn websites and forums, free or paid, in a very open and friendly environment to boost your career with CCNA certification.

Arrange for training: Some of the student can pass CCNA exam only by studying through books whereas some need hands-on training to understand its concepts clearly. Similarly some need a school like environment to complete their studied effectively. So you should find out a center which can provide you practical training in this regard. You can also get advantage of the knowledge of industry professionals about using real routers and switches, who teach in these schools. These schools usually have small sized classrooms which can help you in getting personal attention of the teachers.

Practice your skills: As the proverb says that practice makes a man perfect, so you should practice the skills studied in your classroom. One can successfully pass the CCNA certification by combining oral study with practical training. If you can not afford a Cisco device for practicing your skills then you can you can arrange some alternative stimulation programs like Packet Tracer etc. which can give you a feel of using a genuine device needed for this purpose. Though this stimulation program cannot be similar to a real Cisco device but something is better than nothing, unless you get the original one.

Keep in touch with basics: In order to be a good CCNA engineer it is important not to neglect basics. During this course you come across a number of core concepts which need your knowledge about the basics of networking to understand them. You may have to regret later on if you neglect the basics of networking. Some of the basics like sub netting are used by CCNA engineers in their day-to-day business during their career. So if you have neglected the basics of networking then you should be attentive to them again to get your CCNA certification successfully for boosting your career.

Thus certification in CCNA can considerably change your career if you have earned it dedicatedly.

Things to consider before and after taking CISSP Certification Exam


  • The professional CISSP certification from (ISC): The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium is one of the most widely accepted and recommended certification in the information security industry. It was mainly established to form the standard baseline for demonstrating knowledge and expertise in this industry. Most people take several months to prepare for the CISSP exam, spend a lot of time in the training process, and then they travel to the exam site. After spending a lot of energy, you would like to stack the cards to come your way. Passing CISSP exam is a wonderful thing, but there are some do’s and don’ts that you’re required to observe before and after passing this exam.

Things to do before taking CISSP Exam

1. Use a Study Guide

There are quite a number of study guides and preparation books that can help you prepare well before undertaking your exam. These books will not only help in melting down the vast amount of information but it also help you in identifying critical and crucial components you need to remember while you are in the exam room. CISSP exam only covers a sheer volume of the entire information security details making it difficult to read comprehensively and in depth. Rather than having a solo battle while trying to compress the voluminous information regarding to this certification, you can utilize exam guides and books to help you key on specific important areas within the core bodies of knowledge (CBKs) that usually play a vital role in passing this exam.

  1. Study in Advance

Just like any other exam, the preparation process for this exam involves studying in advance. Passing the CISSP certification exam means that you know something about the various information security topics. Even for those people who work in the information security sector, odds are that you do not lay your focus on all the CBKs or core subject areas normally covered in CISSP certification coursework. Most people have specialized in certain areas making them experts in particular areas of the information security. Therefore, there are those areas in CBKs that you will have to get acquainted with and get to learn from scratch before taking this exam. There is need for every candidate regardless of his or her expertise in the industry to prepare well for him/her to pass this examination.

  1. Do you have Some Experience? 

The basic and the core requirement before taking a CISSP examination is a hand-on experience in the industry. It may be a requirement that you have at least 3 years of experience working in the information security industry depending on someone’s educational background. If you don’t meet the experience requirements, (ISC)2 will give a chance to those who pass the examinations to be given a CISSP title after the experience requirement is met. It is obvious that the acquired skills through experience are better than those acquired through theoretical knowledge. You can read, attend workshops, attend seminars to get information on various aspects regarding information security but until you get a hand-on experience, whatever you’ve learned remains theory.

  1. Create Your Study Schedule

Once you receive a notification from the (ISC)2 that indeed you registered for the CISSP certification exam, you need to create a study schedule that will work well with your day-to-day routines. This will enable you to allocate various topics on information security particular times. This ensures that there is no way that you’ll forget any topic. Also, a schedule will help you to concentrate more on the CBKs recommended sectors.

With the aforementioned tips you’ll be able to adequately prepare for your examination. During the actual examination time, you just need to be composed and get to remember what you learned. Just pay attention to the 10 cores of knowledge. You may need a study group that is comprised of people who have experience in the information industry. It is recommended that you don’t need to register for CISSP certification examination if you’re not ready. That is, don’t take the exam if you don’t have a prior knowledge and hand-on experience in the industry.

After taking your exam, there are some things that you need to do. Check out below on some of these things that you should do after taking your CISSP certification exam.

Things to do after taking your CISSP Examination

  1. Get Certified

What follows after taking CISSP exam is waiting to be certified after you receive a notification that you’ve passed the exam. Get a credible certification from (ISC)2. But before getting certified, one is required to fill an endorsement form then you’ll send a copy of this form together with your resume in one email to (ICS)2. Also you’ll be required to subscribe to the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics. After the endorsement process, you are normally required to become certified with the nine months of the date of your exam or you can as well become an associate of (ISC)2. Otherwise, you’ll be required to retake the exam if you don’t get certified within this time frame. For more information about CISSP certification visit Simplilearn.

  1. Maintain Your CISSP Certification

After acquiring your certification, recertification is required every 3 years with ongoing requirements to maintain your certificates in good condition. To achieve this, you need to participate in Continuing Professional Education (CPE). From this continuous education, you must achieve a total 120 credits to be considered for the recertification program. During each of the three-year certification cycle, you need to do a minimum of 20 CPEs. You will get information on qualifying CPEs at the time when you are receiving your certification. You are required to pay annual maintenance fee of $85 every year.

CISSP certification exam is very crucial for anyone who is working in the information industry. CISSPs are just information assurance professionals who dictate the design, architecture, management and controls that assure high security within various business environments. In fact it is the first certification in the field of information security that managed to pass the stringent ISI/IEC standards. The certification process isn’t that easy. If you register for the CISSP exam 16 days in advance it will just cost you $549. Before taking the exam you need to assert that you’ve a minimum experience of 5 years in the information security industry and after taking the exam and branded certified you need to maintain your certification by taking CPEs and attending to seminars and even workshops.


Preparing for Cyber Security Challenges with Online CEH Training

Learning to combat hackers can potentially save companies millions of dollars each year. However, cyber security can be expensive if a business hires an outside agency to create firewalls and other security measures to protect their sensitive information. Instead of hiring outside consultants, many companies could pay to have employees take courses in cyber security so they are on-site whenever a problem arises. Securing a computer system requires more than having a good antivirus program running 24 hours a day. Depending on the industry a business is in, they could face thwarts from amateur hackers to sophisticated cyber attacks sponsored by governments trying to interfere with another country’s economy. It is vital that companies of all types keep up to date on security protocols to protect their customers’ information and to keep their computer systems running.


Rather than hiring an expensive security consultant, a business can have an employee take an online ceh training course to learn how to protect their company and their customer’s information. Several cyber attacks have made the news within the past few months, including those on governmental computer systems. Some of these attacks have jeopardized personal financial information for millions of banking and retail customers and, without the appropriate security, any computer system can be vulnerable to such attacks. Taking an online course allows employees to get the training they need without being away from their job. A company can schedule time each day or every couple of days for the designated employee to take the course without them leaving the building. Several online sites offer cyber security courses, including SimpliLearn, so businesses can pay for the type of course they need to shore up their computer security.

Having an employee with ceh certification will help a business keep their computer system from being vulnerable to most forms of cyber attacks. The employee will always be on-site, so if the company’s system is breached, the certified employee can quickly respond to shut down the system or block access the hacker has used to penetrate the company’s computers. Without the ability to react quickly, a company’s financial assets and ceh training online their customers’ financial and personal information could be at risk of being stolen. A delay can cost businesses thousands of dollars and the trust of their clientele, which could quickly sink any company. By taking online cyber security training, companies can be ready to meet computer security challenges head on.